Gerhard's disclaimer on his status as a polyglot (=speaker of multiple languages)

For many years, I have been reluctant to tell how many language I really speak. During the last 25 years, language learning has been a slightly out of control hobby for me. Since I give regular interviews and this topic is usually the most requested, I have written this as a realistic answer.

First, some very important points:

  • I am a very slow learner.
  • I don't have an extraordinary memory. No "photographic" memory here.
  • I do not learn languages by applying hypnosis, heightened states of consciousness or any other occult practices.
  • I make lots of mistakes, even in my native German.
  • Learning so many languages does not make me smarter, but it has helped me in using my time more efficiently.

I do learn languages by the "Tortoise Method": every day just a minuscule step; no hurry.

My priority languages are:

English, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish.   

In these languages, I strive to become a good presenter, writer and interview guest. I regularly read classical literature (mostly theater plays) in each of them, to develop a good style.

In the following languages, I can read, write and talk with reasonable ease:

Italian, French, Galician, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian.

I can read and listen to audio books, and survive conversations in Croatian, Macedonian, Polish, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Arabic. Native speakers may be offended by me abusing their language.

I am not planning to learn any new language soon. In fact, during the last years, I have given up on many other languages, I am focused on using the above languages to communicate something helpful for others.

If a miracle would make that possible, I would speak all Turkic languages from Central Asia.

On my Youtube channel, I will have videos on communication psychology in most of the above languages very soon.

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