Why it is good to make many mistakes in speaking foreign languages, and other interview topics

When he spoke during school classes, fellow students laughed at his English. 

Now, Gerhard Ohrband not only is an acclaimed international speaker and book author in English, but has learned more than 20 other languages. For three years, he had a weekly podcast on psychology in 21 languages. 

Gerhard, born in Hamburg/Germany, went to school in his native town of Uetersen/Schleswig-Holstein and studied psychology at the University of Hamburg. Since 2006, he has relocated to the Republic of Moldova in Eastern Europe. He teaches professionals and companies worldwide how to overcome fear and shyness in speaking in foreign languages.

With colleagues and former students, he developed the "GO Method" for language improvement.  The method is currently successfully applied in various German and international companies. It includes many counterintuitive elements, based on scientific research in psychology and productivity. 

  • It is good to make many mistakes while practicing a foreign language.
  • You do not need to try to learn as much as possible, but to limit the time and content you are learning.
  • You need to care less about the impression you are making.

Here is a list of other issues related to international business communication and language learning that Gerhard frequently gives answers to in interviews. 

  • How to overcome the fear of speaking foreign languages, even if you have done several courses?
  • Are children and adolescents better at learning foreign languages?
  • Stagefright while presenting in foreign languages
  • What are the most important aspects you need to learn in any language?
  • How important is it to speak a language ”perfectly”?
  • Can you speed up the process of learning a foreign language?
  • Stereotypes against speakers with regional accents
  • How did he learn more than 20 languages?
  • What are the most difficult languages?
  • Homeschooling vs. institutionalized learning
  • How dangerous is it to learn languages with smartphone apps?
  • Do you need to be gifted to learn a foreign language?
  • How to avoid misunderstandings in international communication?

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