with Gerhard  Ohrband
Even if the times and many people around us are getting more difficult

German language

Do you need German for your career? Do you feel you are no longer improving? Are you afraid of talking to others in German?

We will train your German focused exclusively on your next career steps. You will overcome any anxiety of speaking in German and you will become confident at the workplace as well as on the phone and in video conferences.

Communication psychology

Your company has to deal with difficult customers? There are destructive dynamics in certain teams or departments? Important work cannot be done due to certain crazymakers? Do you experience cultural differences in dealing with international customers and partners?

Consider my resources and in-company training in communication psychology. 

Other languages

Do you need other languages than German for your profession?

At school in Northern Germany, even my best friend laughed whenever I opened my mouth during English lessons. Today, I speak 21 languages, most of them well enough to give professional presentations and to make videos.

Check out my personal secrets to improving languages with less effort and better results.

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