How to improve your international B2B sales while using foreign languages

Is this you and your company?

  • Does your company depend on international clients and partners?
  • Do your employees need to sell in foreign languages?
  • In the current global economic uncertainty, will you need to adapt to completely new markets or partner countries?

"Our company is doing just fine internationally!"

  • What is the medium monetary value of a new international contract?
  • How many international sales conversations are your employees able to close?
  • What is the typical length of a sales cycle?
  • What is the monetary value of a) cutting the medium length of your sales cycles by 10, 20 or 50%, b) of increasing the closing rate by 2%, 5% or 20%?

“Our sales results don’t depend on our employees’ language skills!”

  • Actually, the Nr.1 skill in ANY selling situation involving people is the sales person’s ability to communicate.
  • In international B2B sales, your employees are automatically in a more disadvantaged situation if they need to speak in a foreign language.

“Our employees know English (or any other language) perfectly well/well enough!”

  • In language skills, as well as in other sales skills it is not a yes/no question, whether they have the skill or not. The relevant question is: How well, how flexible, how productive can they use English (or any other language) in a sales situation?
  • What if improving your employee’s communication skills in a foreign language by 5, 10 or 25% would lead to 5, 10 and 25% improvement in their sales performance? What would the monetary value of such an improvement be?

How can your company benefit?

To improve your company's sales performance in foreign languages we offer the following three options:

  • A strategic work session (2-3 hours), which includes an analysis of the current obstacles and threats, a presentation of quick solutions and ample opportunity for question and answers.
  • A transformational workcamp (2,5 days), in which participants learn how to transform their personal 10 most typical mistakes in communicating in foreign language into their personal advantages.
  • Hands-on consultancy (1 year), in which we will set up a company-specific internal mentoring and practice system for continuous sales improvement in foreign language.

Training material and role-playing situations will be suited to your specific situation, which will involve coordination in advance with key employees.

Are you curious?

Gerhard Ohrband is an international sales facilitation consultant, business psychologist and polyglot (21 languages) from Hamburg/Germany. Writer of 9 books. 

Contact Gerhard for a free analysis of your employees' foreign language skills. See the contact details below.

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