How good are you in international business communication?

This questionnaire is based on observations and reports from course participants. The items reflect commonly held misconceptions on international business communication. At the end, you can check your results. On a different page, you will find explanations for each item.

Below, you will find 15 statements. Think whether you agree or not with each of them. Count the number of "yes"es.

1. I am a very confident communicator in my native language and this means, I will be automatically a good communicator with people from other cultures.

2. People in different cultures communicate more or less in the same manner.

3. If people want to do business with us, they are the ones that should study intercultural communication.

4. I never get any negative feedback on my communication style.

5. I always get positive feedback on my communication style.

6. There is one perfect way of communicating, and I have learned it.

7. There is one perfect way of communicating, and I want to learn it.

8. When using a foreign language, the most important thing is to have a perfect accent.

9. When using a foreign language, the most important thing is to avoid making mistakes.

10. When using a foreign language, the most important thing is to know a lot of words.

11. In each language, there is one best way to express something.

12. I will become a perfect speaker of a foreign language by just talking a lot.

13. When speaking a foreign language, I want to impress the other with my excellent language skills.

14. The best way to practice a foreign language for business purposes is to study with textbooks.

15. If people do not understand me, they will always tell me.


10-15 "yes"es: You are in serious trouble. Due to your position and your character, people are afraid to confront you with unpleasant feedback. You are not only ethno- but also egocentric. You are the center of the universe. All other people function like you. Or you think they should. Therefore, there is no need for humility, empathy or mere curiosity.

4-9 "yes"es: You are at a medium risk. Please consider using my free material to fix some of your problems.

0-3 "yes"es: You are probably a master communicator already. Please contact me to apply as a local communication trainer for your country.

Read more about the reasoning behind each questionnaire item  by clicking here.

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