Assess and develop your employees' self-confidence in professional communication in English (or in any other language)

Foreign language Assessment Centers with the GO Method

Is this a problem for you?

  • Your employees have to be able to communicate flexibly and professionally in a variety of often unpredictable situations. There is potential for misunderstandings and conflict.
  • Most of your employees have good or satisfactory levels of English (or in any other foreign language). Those that do not speak well enough, do already benefit from language courses.
  • However, you are not so sure how they will be able to handle difficult communication situations, specific to your company and its partners and customers.

Standard language courses do not focus on business communication. And the typical courses for business English focus just on standard situations and on acquiring general expressions and vocabulary.

Therefore, good performance in such courses is not necessarily a good predictor for successfully handling negotiations and conflict resolution with customers.

How can we solve this?

After a one-day Assessment Center with 4-10 of your key employees, you will obtain

  • A detailed assessment of their language skills in specific, work-related situations;
  • An analysis of their individual potential in handling future difficult situations.


  • Management: Select employees for certain tasks (e.g. representing your company at a trade show)
  • English: Identify specific gaps in English (or any other language) to be addressed by language training
  • HR: Develop your employees in areas related to attitude, motivation and communication skills (e.g. overcoming shyness, blocks or self-limiting behavior).

How will your employees react?

The Assessment Center involves an intense day of role-play, public speaking/presentations and group discussions and exercises.

Employees typically report that

  • It is like a team-building activity,
  • It shows them their potential to handle difficult situations,
  • It gives them new insights about interpersonal communication,
  • It motivates them to work on their language and communication skills.

And, it is oftentimes lots of fun and genuinely entertaining!

How can we test this?

Let us set up a free 45-minute consultation where we can see how this may benefit your current situation!

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