Topic1: “Overcome your fear of making mistakes when speaking English professionally”

Topic 2: “International business communication with less fear and more confidence”

90-120 minutes webinar

Payment: Option 1 – for free (for companies), option 2 – you establish a competitive price per participant

In the case of option 2: we split the total sum. Participants pay you, and you transfer me 50% of total profits (if you incurred costs) via Paypal, Paysend, etc.

Our roles:

Option 1:

You:  moderation, facilitating questions and discussions, experience as a language/communication teacher.

I: presentation on communication psychology, techniques and exercises, Q&A

Max. 50% presentation, the rest: solving participant’s problems.

Option 2:

Each of us presents a 30 minutes segment.


Have you already organized webinars in your country?

What platform works best?

Whom would you like to invite?

How can participants pay you?

How would you rephrase the title?

What material/assistance do you need from me?