Language packages for companies

Does your business success depend on key employees having good to exceptional foreign language skills? Are you disappointed with conventional, exercise-based language instruction?

If yes, set up a call with us to see how we can help.

Thank you for your interest in the GO Method!

We can help if

·         Your clients and business partners expect your employees to speak foreign languages almost like native speakers.

·         Your sales and business contracts depend on the language proficiency level of key employees.

·         Sending employees to a local language school or inviting in-house teachers has not delivered the expected results.

·         Due to conflicting schedules, it is hard to have all relevant employees attend language courses.

·         There is not enough quality language instruction in your local area.

Starting initially with traditional language courses, we came to realize that getting predictable results depends less on what actually happens in the classroom, but on

·         How focused the course is in regard of the learners’ actual objectives,

·         What each participant actually does at home, whether he or she sticks to productive training routine,

·         Whether there is an overarching quality management system, tracking participation and progress.

For private companies, we offer individualized packages for the following languages:

German English Spanish French Romanian Russian
Turkish Turkmen        


Each packages is a hybrid learning process, consisting of

Quality management system (monitoring, error analysis, continuous improvement)
Interactive platform Live-long access for each student; with interactive audio lessons, regularly updated resources, tests; ongoing individualized support by the teacher for problem-solving and correcting text and audio materials
Live webinars Typically, once a week; are recorded and available later on
Autonomous learning teams Of 2-4 participants what meet 1-2 a week and practice according to a guided routine, and help each other


Please contact us for setting up a free consultation: Gerhard Ohrband, [email protected], +373 68 020659

The GO Method

The GO Method applies quality management and psychological science to the study of foreign languages. It helps students establish individual and clear goals, build learning routines, overcome psychological obstacles, monitor progress and systematize the learning process.

It is the perfect approach for high performer students that need to speak as closely as possible to a native speaker. From lesson one, it focuses on building your own sentences bottom-up, and not memorizing phrases like a parrot.

Gerhard J. Ohrband

Psychologist and polyglot from Hamburg /Germany (*1979). Married with children. MA in psychology from the University of Hamburg. More than 15 years of experience as a university lecturer in psychology as well as a consultant for UNICEF, Terre des Hommes, IOM, the EU and private companies. Coordinator of the GO Method network, with representatives in more than 90 countries worldwide.


[email protected]


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