How does my method differ from other courses and applications?

My students learn two main things - logically and systematically:

  • How to build their own sentences using templates. This makes them develop a good intuition - like a native speaker - about when something is right or wrong. Therefore, they no longer depend on someone who constantly corrects what they say and write.
  • If they have already started with another method: How to get rid of their chronic mistakes. Just practice - some have lived in Germany for more than 10 years and talk every day - is not the solution.

I reorganized the materials at a super cheap price ($ 5 for each level). Each level contains more than a hundred exercises, almost all with audio recordings. By doing the exercises, you can check if you speak correctly or not.

Grammar topics are organized as they usually appear in typical German textbooks. 

The courses no longer include personal counseling. That's why you can sign up for my live courses, too.

The materials are on the Thinkific platform, one of the best online applications. You can use them both on your mobile phone and on your computer.

List of levels

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A 1.1 

A 1.2   

A 2.1

A 2.2

B 1.1