Handling difficult international customers and partners while speaking in foreign languages – a communication audit

In this free seminar for HR professionals on the psychology of communication, we will make a joint assessment of current risks and opportunities in the way your employees communicate internationally.

Is this seminar relevant for you and your company? 

  • Your company has a quality management system.
  • You have international customers and partners, and the language skills of your employees are a critical factor for your success.
  • You employ specalists from different countries and cultures within your company.
  • You feel that not all key employees have the necessary intercultural skills.

What is in there for you?

  • improve your skills in HR via a 60-90 minute webinar on the psychology of communication where we can address also current questions or problems,
  • an audit report,
  • free tools which you can further use in your HR department.

Why work with me?

I am a university lecturer in Work and Organizational Psychology with more than 14 years experience in managing international and multi-lingual teams. As a polyglot that podcasts weekly in 21 languages, I can share many practical insights as well as success and failure stories.

Please contact me if you would like to benefit from a free 60-90 minute seminar with me.

E-mail: gerhard.j.ohrband@gmail.com